​Brass, glass, crystal and ceramic wall sconces in baroque style

Nervilamp wall sconces are wall lamps of exceptional quality, all handmade in Italy in our factory in the province of Milan. Our catalog features wall sconces made of the finest materials: from cast brass to crystal, from glass to ceramic, our wall sconces represent the best the market has to offer. Popular are our glass wall sconces, crystal wall sconces and picture sconces.

All Nervilamp wall sconces are in classical and baroque styles. The design of the wall sconces faithfully echoes that of period lamps and blends perfectly with other retro-style accessories and furnishing solutions. Products with an sober taste are presented side by side with opulent products, giving each customer the opportunity to find exactly the right model for his or her needs. The wall sconces all have a unique and very elegant style to offer wide choice and the certainty of buying beautifully crafted products that always catch the eye of the beholder.

Nervilamp classic and baroque wall sconces are perfect both for furnishing homes and private rooms and as a decorative element for contract spaces.

Sought after all over the world, Nervilamp’s signature cast, crystal and glass wall sconces are the perfect accessory to illuminate living rooms, bedrooms, studies and hallways in an elegant way. Every detail is taken care of to ensure great value products.

Visit our online lighting store and discover our wide range of baroque-style wall sconces.

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